The Yen and Yang of Thangz

It’s been a few weeks ya’ll, and I apologize for falling off, but I have not had the mental space or time to create or cultivate my craft. I have been climbing my own Mount Kilimanjaro and swimming in my personal Mariana Trench. I have been productive and slothful, energized, and drained, guided and lost, disappointed, and determined these past few weeks. It’s a lot but isn’t it always something going on!?! Even so, isn’t it also absolutely mesmerizing to be able to experience such contradictory complexities of life!?! I think so too! I love it actually.

I think it’s so empowering to access (and tap into) our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and humanity in order to further embrace our majesty, exceptional and supernatural parts of our existence. I love our duality. We can have a broken heart and still love freely, and we can experience poverty but consistently manifest the law of abundance. There is a resilience, persevering spirit, and concentrated amount of power from God within all of us, at all times that permits us to constantly win in life.

I know you, like me, have walked through some humbling, hurtful and hectic situations that have shaken our worlds and turned them upside down. As a matter of fact, if you are alive, you have most definitely questioned your faith, purpose and why God created certain people! 😊LOL. Seriously though, we have had some tough times BUT we have also had some amazing, ridiculously joyous, and sensationally satisfying experiences too! My whole point is this… God, life, and love surrounds us with the most perfect, profound, and pleasurable people, places and things, we just have to take time to acknowledge and embrace them.

Let’s do something together, let’s say yes and really, like really really receive EVERYTHING good coming our way! We do that by first, asking (yes, it’s that simple!). Then we create our worlds with our words, this comes through declarations and affirmations. Thereafter, we prepare to reap a harvest of exactly what we have sowed in word, thought and deed. Let me say this though…make sure you’re doing all this with wisdom, discernment, and patience – because sometimes we ask and get exactly what we want, but God ain’t in it, He ain’t touched it, sent it or blessed it for us (SMH – you and I both know it’s the truth!) 😊

Anyhow, I am excited ya’ll! I am almost giddy preparing for my manifestations and blessings. Every single day I say and believe “everything I want, wants me and there is nothing and no one that can hinder or delay what is mines. Furthermore, there is no competition on the spiritual plane, so what is rightfully mine will be given to me under grace and in perfect ways” (if you never heard this, please read Florence Scovel Shinn, The Game of Life and How to Play It and The Secret Door to Success). It’s time for recovery, receiving good things, restoration, rapid manifestation, and reprieve! Let’s all let go of the struggles and stress, to seize this season of balance and blessings!

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