Hurt. Then, Heal.

Three simple admonishments…

1. Be careful WHO you hurt…Sometimes we hurt the very people who God sent to heal us. We destroy that which the universe sent to develop us. We end up cursing the very person that God sent to bless us. And in our selfishness, immaturity, and recklessness we might end up breaking someone’s spirit and heart so badly that it completely detours and/or destroys their life in ways that we can never ever repair. What a mighty burden to bear, when we have foolishly sacrificed what should’ve been protected as sacred. We have to remember that every person on this earth has great importance, value, purpose, and they are loved ,therefore, we must honor the divinity within them by loving them purely and doing them no harm.

2. Be careful HOW you process your hurt…Hurt people, hurt people. It is very tempting to want to lash out, to proliferate your pain, and to reciprocate what you’re feeling, when you’re hurting. But just as much as we must ask for forgiveness, we must also extend forgiveness (but more importantly), we have to remember that everything we sow whether it’s in a spirit of love or hate, peace or war, happiness or sadness it will all be returned to us. So when you are processing your hurt, make sure that it’s a completely private and independent process. Look inwardly to reflect, hold yourself accountable and protecting your mind, body and spirit during that time, so that you don’t give or receive anything that would hinder your progress.

3. Be careful how you handle those WHO HURT you… this one is a really hard one because it is easy and natural to possess a righteous indignation, and maybe a justifiable reason to hurt those who have hurt you. However, thinking of the previous two scenarios, it makes it easier to understand that if someone hurt you, they were probably hurting themselves. We have no idea what the other person is going through, just like they have no comprehension of all that we are going through (even when it’s due to the pain they’ve caused). People live lifetimes of regret, guilt, embarrassment, and shame, and sometimes we have to forgive them and allow everything that they’re feeling to be their punishment. I made a decision recently to turn everything over to God and let Him, the universe, and karma avenge every person and situation that hurt me. I bless them and I walk away freely in peace with no anger in my heart, but full assurance that it all comes full circle and it’ll all work out for my good.

Y’all, every person is going through something that has, or will cause them to have to heal from it. We are all searching, finding, winning, losing, hating and loving ourselves and others, every single day. I have experienced some devastating losses, betrayal and pain that broke me to my core, but in the midst of it all, I tried to follow all that I outlined here. So let us all be vigilant and faithful in our own pursuit of growth and grace, while extending the same to those we care for and love. I pray we all learn to let go of the hurt, then heal.

3 Comments on “Hurt. Then, Heal.”

  1. Well said.. very raw and real. I love your words of encouragement and spirit of walking with the Sun.

  2. Reading this and quietly crying as I think about all the times I hurt those closest to me ~ it’s so true that hurt people, hurt other people. It wasn’t intentional, but it was definitely moments of selfishness. I also believe that sadness and loneliness played a bigger role then I care to admit or acknowledge in my actions. I’d like to think that I practice self awareness, discipline, and restraint, but it’s only until I don’t do I realize just how much I need to make changes in my life.

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