Sweet like 2023

Well, well, well… look at us, all in 2023 chillin when we didn’t think we would make it out of 2022!!! LOL! Ya’ll, I am LOVING this new year already! 2023 is tastin’ good, and it’s pretty sweet so far! These past few weeks have been on my palate like freshly made cotton candy at the fair, and when that fluffy, pink, pillowy sweetness hits my tongue it slowly disintegrates deep into my taste buds leaving a silky sugar lining on my gums. Even if I eat too much at one time the sugar turns gritty before it melts, but despite the grainey-ness of the sugar it’s still sweet!!! (Can you tell I have a sweet tooth or nah! LOL). And that’s exactly how 2023 shall be. Despite and in-spite of the momentarily grind and grit, the sweetness will return and reside in us. I am excited (and I don’t usually get all worked up over this) BUT this year feels so good and it is progressively pushing me to new heights of love, happiness, excitement, and favor that I have NEVVVA experienced before!

And you know why??? cuz… I worked for this, I sowed for this, I’ve forgiven and loved through betrayal and hate for this, and most importantly I prayed for this season to arrive. I remained consistently invested in purposeful work, projects and people. I relentlessly gave my resources, presence, and time to people and places that were fertile and good ground (meaning they were able to receive what I gave them and transform it into something that bears fruit). I prayed some of the hardest prayers in 2022… I uttered numerous prayers that included no actual words, only tears and weeping to God. I’ve worshiped, listened to the word, studied it and embraced it. Every single day I spoke my affirmations…(Now listen… I may or may not have also kinda fell off here and there, on some thangs how-evva…I did everything with a pure heart and good intentions! 😇). I ain’t sharing all those things I did out of pride, but to explain that everything I now have and will receive for the remainder of this year, I have absolutely earned! Nevertheless, the work still continues! As a matter of fact, the principle of sowing and reaping never stops working, so neither can we!

2023 is going to be so amazing, especially for you!!! I wish you were in front of me so we could tap our glasses in cheers to your insanely blessed new year! I don’t care what has happened to you or what you have done, or not done in the past year, last week or even within the last hour of you reading this… because it’s ALL turning around this year for YOU! You gotta get excited, focused, and serious about your new season before anyone else will. You must speak what this year is going to look like and then immediately start to act like it’s already happened, because in the spiritual realm it already has! Proverbs 18:21, reads ”The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit”(NIV). So once you think it and speak it, you might-as-well count it done!. Furthermore, in Psalm it says “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!”(NIV). So whoop there it is! (typing that made me feel really old! LOL). God is just reclining on his throne waiting for you to let him feed and nourish you with his goodness and protection, but you gotta open your mouth to be fed and to speak, so why not just do BOTH this year!?! 

I believe this year we will either savor or sow… Savor the goodness of new seasons, new experiences, new opportunities and new grace that we’ve worked for. Or sow, so that we may reap a harvest in the next season that’s full of the fruit from the seeds we’re planting now. Either way it all works for our good. And since it’s a new year, instead of us still “learning to let go”, let’s hold on! Hold on to the happy moments, loving relationships, big and small wins, good surprises and savor all the many sweet blessings coming to us in 2023!!! Might as well make ya dentist appointment now, cuz we gon have some cavities y’all! 😁 Happy New Year and luv y’all!

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