Knuck If You Buck…

I legit felt like fighting this past week!!! Ya’ll I had a host of situations try to pull the lil gangsta out of me! LOL. Of course I didn’t, as a matter of fact I had a great week full of success and filled with a lot of love and support, but I was being pushed… Wait, let me correct that by saying – I allowed myself to be partially moved by some situations. We all go through this, so I won’t go into too much detail but don’t you hate it when things are all peachy then BOOM out of nowhere, some drama shows up at your door like a amazon package! Here’s the truth of the matter though, when you are positioned in your rightful place, as a child of God, you have no right but to rise up and approach the obstacle face-to-face. As a powerful possessor of knowledge, wisdom, intellect, positive energy, and endowed with undeniable love of God, you are absolutely going to be challenged in this thing called life, but in the midst of all things we have to remember this… There is absolutely no need for us to be succumb with any level of fear, entertain any defeat, or wallow in any unstable emotions for temporary situations and people. (and to be clear everything and everyone is temporary)! Cuz the simple fact is none of us make it out alive! Lol . Therefore nothing lasts forever, and should be treated as such; temporary.
So in the same sense that you don’t buy an entire wardrobe of only winter clothes 🧣 because you know for a fact that the season inevitably will change to summer🩴similarly you should not get disturbed when attacks come your way. If there is any light, beauty, success, brilliance, or love represented within your being, you can anticipate that darkness, ugliness, failure, ignorance, and hate, will try to counter you whenever it can, but the enemy cannot win against a man/woman who cannot lose 💪🏽. So I say…We should all look forward to the future, staying ready for every negative/petty comment, conversation and conflict  that comes our way, because it gives us the opportunity to show that God is our protector, provision, peace, and our undefeated power in all things.
Let me get this off my chest though🗣️ Sometimes when we’re in war and get attacked, it’s not always because of what we’ve done or who we are, sometimes it’s because of who were connected to and what they’ve done… so make sure you’re connected with people with integrity, impeccable character and who are solid, real, and keep it ten stacks at all times… make sure they are worth fighting for, and make sure that those same people will fight for you. Love and forgive hard, but create boundaries like a mutha%$#&*! Some people and situations should not be in your life because of all the negativity and lack of reciprocity they  bring to it,  BUT for those real ones  (our children, some family (I said what I said) and those close to our hearts we should stay ready to knuck if anyone wanna buck (in the spirit not the flesh)! 🙂
And one mo thing…make sure you are not the weapon formed against yourself that’s causing you not to prosper! Get out of your head, get out of your emotions, get out of low level thinking and negative energy fields and focus on getting your mind, body and soul in proper alignment with your source. Some of us be messing it up for ourselves, by ourselves… don’t even need no one to fight us, cuz we fighting ourselves…SMH

Okay back to the Bible (for my saints)… we have ample stories and scriptures in Bible that remind us of all the victories that took place in the face of the enemies of God and his children (read about Esther, Joseph, and David). So fear not, and remember it ALL works out for your good! As we wrap up this year, don’t fold, bend, or bow to anything or anyone that is not giving you love, heart or adding peace to your life! Let’s let go of this year in grace by not fighting any battles but by giving them all to God.

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  1. Looking forward to my joyfully future despite the situations that go BOOM 💥. Not sure how I almost missed this one, but thank you for your positive perspectives. The words that make you go hum.

    Love ya girl💋

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