Unmoved… and Moving

One of my daily affirmations is “I am unmoved by adverse appearances, therefore, adverse appearances move”. That declaration empowers me to optimistically look forward to every experience of the day with no fear. I have perfect confidence in God, and in His power within me, therefore, I am fully aware and responsible with my words and thoughts because they conceive my experiences and expectations. So, here’s a little quick history lesson for the day. Way waaaay back, God was chilling in all his dopeness and decided to say a few thangs that instantaneously created all light, living things and human life itself (well, it wasn’t that simple, but you get the point! LOL). Anyhow, since you and I came from God the creator, we have the same DNA and authority to do the same!

Speaking of creations…my oldest daughter is a lot like me. She is organized, structured, social, strong-minded, sensible, and super silly. However, she also has characteristics that definitely ain’t come from my pair of ripped jeans (but I’ll leave that for the next book)! 😊 But at the end of the day, simply because she came from me, what’s mine is hers and she has all the rights to everything I own and possess. For the past few years, I had been telling her, in her senior year of high school I would give her my car. So, she prepared by taking driving classes, practicing in her “soon to be car”, got a little weekend job to stack gas money, and started ordering her personalized car accessories to make it her own. Now although, I already planned to give her the car, I didn’t have a set date to do so (but it was already settled and done in my mind). So, one day we were out running errands and she said, “when is this car going to be completely mine?”. I replied, “you can have it today, if you like”. Of course, she obliged and the next day I turned over the keys and bought me another car.

Now, despite the way my accounts was set-up!!! LOL 😊I gave her a paid-off car, full car insurance coverage, and a free car wash membership all because she is my child and I wanted her to have it…. BUT I gave her my word, which she received and affirmed with her actions, words, and thoughts, then she ASKED FOR IT with no fear! Now truth is, I would have given it to her at some point-in-time, but because she reminded me of word, asked with confidence and was ready to receive it, I gave it to her immediately, to honor her faith and (more importantly) my word. She has no idea how much it cost me to “freely” give her a car and she doesn’t need to know, because I am her mother, and it is more of a blessing for me to be able to give my child a car, than it is for her to receive one. But here’s the best part ya’ll…It is NO DIFFERENT with our Heavenly Father.

God has given you His Word, your purpose and promises to endow you with so many amazing blessings, some you can’t even fathom yet! He created you from himself, therefore you too have the power, authority, and responsibility to create your world with your words. So, you can do just like my daughter did! Embrace your Heavenly Father’s words about you, repeat (affirm) those promises, prepare to receive them (in word, thought and deed), and then ASK FOR IT! It takes work but real talk …some of the losses, lack and limitations you suffer from are your fault… You’ve been lazy with your words and have been speaking death, doubt and negativity into your situations and ain’t even thought about praying, worshipping, getting therapy, or connecting with someone to hold you accountable for changing your behaviors. So, you have become like the prodigal son, all out in dem streets suffering in ways you were not even created to! Fam, just ask and then prepare to receive WHATEVA it is you want, because God already has it for you and it’s going to be better than you could ever imagine! Let’s learn to let go of not asking for what we want… but rather having faith that God will give us exactly what we need and more than we could ever desire when we ask (and in perfect timing!).

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