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Hey Y’all, welcome to my blog and thank you for your support with my first book “Learning to Let Go”. If you haven’t purchased, it yet ….uhhhhh go do it now! 😊 If you have already read the book, then you are uniquely qualified to understand the continuity of my writing style and will furthermore have the background on which I will expand upon in this blog. Learning To Let Go was and is, a very personal and transparent translation of my life. I feel extremely empowered and yet still very vulnerable to the realness in which I shared. However, that was just the beginning for me.

Very few people are comfortable with themselves and their truth, and with that discomfort comes shame, insecurity and fear. All which impose isolation, silence and paralysis in your thoughts, actions, and entire life. So as you read my entries, I implore you to extract the lessons and (hopefully) wisdom I share, to start working to dig deep and get real with yourself about yourself, so the world can finally meet you…The true you, the real you, the good you, the bad you, the hurt you, the healed you, the happy you, the sad you, the weak you, the strong you, the lonely you, and the loving you… all of you!

The blessing of authenticity is freedom. Freedom to love without restraint or fear. Freedom to give unselfishly from our experiences, resources and presence to those whose paths cross ours in this life. We will be challenged and comforted as we grow, but that’s the best part! We will do all the work together, and it starts now. So, get ready to learn to let go!

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  1. In my recent celebration of Juneteenth, I realized that I have many shackles yet to be broken. Thank God, I’ve had the keys all along. Time to unlock more of my truths.

    Thanks for the shared wisdom‼️

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